Greenwich Benchmark Indices

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Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Indices

Greenwich Global HF  Nov-19* YTD
Greenwich Global HF Index 0.89% 8.11%
     Equity Market Neutral Index -0.50% 1.37%
     Event-Driven Index 1.04% 5.79%
     Arbitrage Index 0.45% 6.05%
     Long-Short Equity Index 1.51%


     Futures Index 0.73% 6.25%
     Macro Index -0.71% 1.88%
     Long-Short Credit Index 0.28% 6.33%
     Multi-Strategy Index



* indicates an estimated return

Greenwich Database

For over 20 years the Greenwich Database has been providing qualified institutional investors access to and information on the hedge fund space. As one of the oldest and most extensive hedge fund databases in existence, Greenwich is pleased to now offer it's database to outside managers and qualified investors. Subcribers to the database can search, sort and run reports on over 6,000 alternative investment funds from our easy to use online interface. With over 200 statistics to choose from, both Managers and Investors can create customized reports with the click of a button. »

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Greenwich Alternative Investments is an alternative asset research and investment industry leader and has been providing a wide range of alternative investment consulting services to institutional clients since 1992.»

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Greenwich Alternative Investments

Greenwich Alternative Investments is a leading alternative investment firm providing hedge fund indices, industry research, and index-linked products and services to institutional investors worldwide. Founded in 1992, Greenwich Alternative Investments was the first to perform large-scale research on the hedge fund universe and quickly became recognized as an expert in alternative investing and hedge fund indexing. Today, GAI manages one of the industry's largest hedge fund index and database platforms and continues to drive investment innovation.