The Greenwich Hedge Fund Database


Manager Frequently Asked Questions


1) What information do you need to include our Funds in the Greenwich Database?

GAI requires a fund’s Offering Memorandum, historical monthly performance since inception, current AUM, and information on fund terms and strategy. To get started, please register at

2) What are your minimum requirements for managers to be included in the database?

Managers must have at least 3 months of performance history.

3) How much does it cost to be included in the database?

There is no cost to managers to have their funds listed in the database.

4) What type of information will subscribers be able to retrieve from the Database?

Subscribers will be able to retrieve monthly performance figures, performance statistics, AUM, strategy information, fund information, firm information, manager info, and contact details.

5) How will I update monthly perfomance figures?

Participating managers will receive a monthly reminder email with a link directly to our Quick Update page, which allows the recipient to quickly view and update recent performance and AUM figures. Additionally, managers may log in to GreenwichOnline at any time to view and update their information, including performance, by going to  Finally, if a manager prefers to have Greenwich personnel update their information, they may send monthly information in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6) Do you have procedures in place to follow LAMP Technologies?

Yes. All potential subscribers must complete a questionnaire that we review to confirm that a potential subscriber is an accredited investor. In addition, all subscribers must represent that they will not invest in any hedge fund in our database within 30 days of receiving access to the database. Copies of the Subscription Database terms‐of‐use and investor IQQ are available upon request.

7) How will the Greenwich Database be distributed?

The GAI Subscription Database is distributed as a download on the GAI homepage and through various data vendors.