The Beta of the Alpha.

The Greenwich Global and Regional Hedge Fund Indices (“the Indices”) are among the world’s oldest and most widely recognized benchmark indices today. Produced monthly and using actual hedge fund returns provided by managers to the Greenwich Database, the Indices provide a more accurate representation of the hedge fund universe than traditional stock or bond only benchmarks. The need for a better benchmark which represents the hedge fund universe is one of the many reasons Greenwich Alternative Investments (“GAI”) has made available the Greenwich Global and Regional Indices through licensing agreements.

Licensing The Indices
An Index license allows the licensee to use the Indices in their marketing materials, on their websites and retain and maintain the Indices historical data on their own systems. The Index data is distributed in an Excel or Access format for easy usage and storage. For more information on the Indices and licensing the Indices, please contact Greenwich Alternative Investments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1.203.487.6180. To see the most recent performance data, please visit our Hedge Fund Index Returns section.