Liquidity, Transparency and Daily Hedge Fund Replication

The Greenwich Alternative Investment Focus UCITS Hedge Fund Indices ("GAIUT" or "GAI UCITS HF") are designed to provide efficient access to the performance of the alternative UCITS universe and specific hedge fund strategy returns using a smaller, fixed number of constituents from the GAI Benchmark UCITS Hedge Fund Indices. Focusing on nine of the most common alternative UCITS strategies, the GAIUT uses the Greenwich Value Score to select top ranking, risk adjusted funds creating a balanced investable product.


Strategy Indices
In addition to the broad GAI Focus UCITS Hedge Fund Global Index, Greenwich has created eight individual strategies based on Greenwich's hedge fund strategy criteria. For information on each strategy please view our Strategy Definition page.

UCITS Focus Composition

UCITS Synopsis
UCITS, the European Directive for the Undertaking of Collective Investment in Transferable Securities, is a popular fund structure for investors and managers alike. Mixing regulatory oversight and exchange tradability, UCITS allow managers to meet investor's desires for traditional alternative investment products without the illiquiidty and lack of trasparency common with such traditional products.

Index Calculation
Funds are chosen based on their Greenwich Value Score, a quantitative ranking system based on nine performance and risk management factors. The Greenwich Value Score balances high performance with minimuzed investment risk and low correltion to traditional alternative investment products to provide a list of top ranking, risk adjusted funds. Once funds are selected, their performances are averaged together to create the Index's return giving each fund equal weighting within the Index. Returns are published on following day and are finalized on the third business day of the following month. For more information on the creation of the GAIUT Indices please download out Index Methodolgy.

Index Licensing and Subscriptions
The GAI UCITS HF are available to managers for performance attribution, including tracking of traditional alternative investments on a daily basis, and the creation of index linked products through licensing agreements. Additionally, the indices can be set up as seperatly managed accounts (SMA). For more information on licensing agreements or creating an SMA please visit the Index Licensing page or contact Greenwich Alternative Investments via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone, +1.203.487.6180.